Friday Night Funkin' But Ruv & Sarv Have A Son & He's Already Getting On My Nerves (3 FNF Mods)

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In this episode of Friday Night funkin, we play the Mid-Night Masses Selever mod, I didn't even know Ruv was clappin cheeks like that. Then we have the salad fingers mod and lastly we have the Chara mod, leave a like for more dope episodes of Friday Night Funkin!
Friday Night Funkin Selever Mod:
Friday Night Funkin Salad Fingers mod:
Friday Night Funkin Vs Chara mod:
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  • Lãzìē
    Lãzìē52 minuta më parë

    I just realized selever is flipping him of with the right Note,but he didn't care-

  • AW0K3N
    AW0K3NOrë më parë

    ok the first mod is over charted ngl

  • elsie tangente
    elsie tangenteOrë më parë

    R.I.P for people who didn’t know robert was first name of kubz scouts Edit: why don’t you play the vs neon mod (not neo)


    Btw while selever aka the son of sarv and ruv is ummm pointing his middle finger at u

  • Bronwyn
    BronwynOrë më parë

    bro his face when he really sat and listened to Salad Finger’s voice I CRIED skkdfbkf

  • bill nye the overlord guy
    bill nye the overlord guyOrë më parë

    Robert. Vs Chara is undertale

  • Ruvyzvat
    RuvyzvatOrë më parë

    dude, your first time, you have only *37 misses*, in my first i had- i don't remeber but i did 2 hours ago him again, that was the 5th time i played and i just got *260 misses* XD

  • Small Bean
    Small Bean2 orë më parë

    I love Bob from the Cube Scouts!

  • Freaks Duhhh
    Freaks Duhhh2 orë më parë

    Selever:april fools bitches!!!!!!

    17xEPICSANS2 orë më parë

    OH F U CHARA YOU KILLED THR SKELETONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17xEPICSANS3 orë më parë

    Undertale Chara

  • iiCherrybombii
    iiCherrybombii3 orë më parë

    CNN news

  • Paul the potato
    Paul the potato4 orë më parë

    Select fingers but male

  • Paul the potato

    Paul the potato

    4 orë më parë


  • Allen Yang
    Allen Yang5 orë më parë

    Selever: bi*** Fu** Me: Shut The He** up Robert

  • ILikeToTalkAlot
    ILikeToTalkAlot5 orë më parë

    Me when i saw Chara: *UNDERTALE-*

  • C r o s s Playz
    C r o s s Playz6 orë më parë

    Chara is pronounced (Kara) also chara is non binary like frisk

  • Konnichiwa ImaDemonSlayerFan
    Konnichiwa ImaDemonSlayerFan6 orë më parë

    XD he knows nothing about Undertale Lol

  • -fUUriizy ル.
    -fUUriizy ル.6 orë më parë


  • evil
    evil6 orë më parë

    Hi robert

  • Sarvente
    Sarvente6 orë më parë


  • Sarvente
    Sarvente7 orë më parë

    No one: Selever in the beggining: 😛 ✌

  • Edwyn Chan Estrella
    Edwyn Chan Estrella8 orë më parë

    He um did middle finger

  • Mikołaj Kornacki
    Mikołaj Kornacki9 orë më parë

    Hey! This is a female character of undertale, and you call her ''Dude''.

  • Viva Villarin
    Viva Villarin9 orë më parë

    He's doing the middle finger

  • Kenna POtpot
    Kenna POtpot9 orë më parë

    sel thinking it’s the end of the world:Boy bye it 2029

  • DarkSky28
    DarkSky2810 orë më parë

    Day one of asking for Miku mod ;-;

  • Cherry Brando
    Cherry Brando10 orë më parë

    Chara: *murders the entire monster race* Bf: “beep” Chara: sure

  • Lafavini Cali
    Lafavini Cali10 orë më parë

    play fnf vs chara mod

  • King Amielle
    King Amielle10 orë më parë

    Salad Fingers is kinda creepy because of its voice XD

  • De. Fox
    De. Fox10 orë më parë

    This guy never played undertale haven’t he

  • Bulkbus is my username I'm already added
    Bulkbus is my username I'm already added10 orë më parë

    All Moms want a sweet kid who goes to church Mr.Brat : F you

  • mikecraft zandblock
    mikecraft zandblock11 orë më parë

    U really need to play undertale

  • mikecraft zandblock

    mikecraft zandblock

    11 orë më parë


  • Kijo Joye
    Kijo Joye11 orë më parë

    Cause kings spear

  • Kijo Joye
    Kijo Joye11 orë më parë

    And king

  • Kijo Joye
    Kijo Joye11 orë më parë

    That means she litterly killed undien

  • Kijo Joye
    Kijo Joye11 orë më parë

    Cant you see she literly killed sans paypairus flowy and undien's spear

  • Kijo Joye
    Kijo Joye12 orë më parë

    Bruh you literly dont know chara

  • Human Being
    Human Being12 orë më parë

    *R O B E R T*

  • Just Soulz
    Just Soulz12 orë më parë

    Jay literally play undertake the whole chakra mod will make sense

  • Lucky's gaming and animating
    Lucky's gaming and animating13 orë më parë

    Fnf vs chara showing only the remains of the monsters they killed :D

  • Jackie Swanson
    Jackie Swanson13 orë më parë


  • Stephanie Lawson
    Stephanie Lawson13 orë më parë


  • Zoe Jagla
    Zoe Jagla13 orë më parë

    Lol he asked why the arrows were going so fast YOUR ON HARD MODE JAY OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE FAST IT'S A MODD

  • The Bunchkins
    The Bunchkins14 orë më parë

    naw just call me bob royale high fans: 👁️ 👁️ 👄

  • FishyFissy
    FishyFissy14 orë më parë

    Chara is from undertale

  • Ruvzvat Or Ruv
    Ruvzvat Or Ruv14 orë më parë

    *repeatedly slams head against wall* KILL ME

  • Arlene Aquino
    Arlene Aquino15 orë më parë

    Selever just did the bad finger on you

  • Snom Nom Nom
    Snom Nom Nom15 orë më parë

    The girl at the end's name is Rasazy. She's Selever's sister.

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer16 orë më parë

    12:14 He thought it was over chara said: SIKE I LIED

  • Lopi Alu
    Lopi Alu16 orë më parë

    Ooooooooh bro you voice acting so cool bro so cool bro so cool

  • Slimedude123
    Slimedude12316 orë më parë

    The monster be looking up like there’s a toe god

  • ฯtsRøselleッ
    ฯtsRøselleッ17 orë më parë

    Jay I don't that's their son

  • Phrog Boi
    Phrog Boi17 orë më parë


  • Snot Dragger
    Snot Dragger17 orë më parë

    Ruv clapping sarvs cheeks Lol

  • Enrique Magat
    Enrique Magat17 orë më parë

    don't nobody notices that he's doing the middle finger-

  • Zek Chomenko
    Zek Chomenko18 orë më parë

    Making fun of somebody who killed an entire race of magical beings isn't exactly the best idea

  • Computer Friend
    Computer Friend18 orë më parë

    As an undertale fan I am offended its is pronounced KARUH and meg-ah-low strke back

  • CarmensCorner
    CarmensCorner18 orë më parë

    Hi *R o b e r t*

  • Mister Mohamed
    Mister Mohamed19 orë më parë

    You can see in a note of selever hes doing a middlefinger

  • Yaneishka Hernandez Lebron
    Yaneishka Hernandez Lebron19 orë më parë

    I wanna see Jay play undertale so baaaaad now 😭

  • Casper TheIceWolfYt
    Casper TheIceWolfYt19 orë më parë

    i just like the fact Selever is just putting up the middle finger while he's singing-

  • gamerforlife 103
    gamerforlife 10320 orë më parë

    The fact that Jay has never played undertale is surprising

  • Roman Vadapyanau
    Roman Vadapyanau20 orë më parë

    why am i, a 9 year old, better at this game then this boi. JAY CAMMENT ON MINE I CAN PROVE IT.

  • Digital Angel
    Digital Angel20 orë më parë

    wow, now i know that he didint play undertale ;(

  • Litty KittyWitty
    Litty KittyWitty20 orë më parë

    There's this other cool mod you should also check out That I think you might Like, it's called Vs. Red fnf and the songs slap ngl

  • Artūrs Seglis
    Artūrs Seglis20 orë më parë

    This frick forget ruv and sarv had a daugther

  • Paxton Drew
    Paxton Drew21 orë më parë

    Jay have you played Ballistic remix

  • Jeremy_ Thegoat
    Jeremy_ Thegoat22 orë më parë


  • elijah suarez

    elijah suarez

    21 orë më parë


  • Razzl Drxp
    Razzl Drxp22 orë më parë

    is it weird that i like winter horrorland?

  • ryan wong zi tao toto
    ryan wong zi tao toto23 orë më parë

    Selever be like:🖕

  • Gabriel Jehoshua Prasetio Putra 1413067
    Gabriel Jehoshua Prasetio Putra 1413067Ditë më parë

    i got like a little scared when selever guess my real name lol

  • CubzZ
    CubzZDitë më parë

    The song shouldn’t even have that much notes lmao, the mod creators need to know that not every mod has to be “hard”

  • Fydelic [ Quit ]
    Fydelic [ Quit ]Ditë më parë

    I did not just hear Jay said Chara was a “ He ”

  • Viktor Dejanovic
    Viktor DejanovicDitë më parë

    Hey idk if you noticed I am at the start of the vid selever flips you off every right note lol

  • Filip tuddy
    Filip tuddyDitë më parë

    Wait isnt sarv like a Christian? Like She thinks that god is real?

  • Opossum Teeth

    Opossum Teeth

    23 orë më parë

    @Filip tuddy Maybe its different in the fnf universe but otherwise yes :)

  • Filip tuddy

    Filip tuddy

    23 orë më parë

    @Opossum Teeth then that means did they do R34?

  • Opossum Teeth

    Opossum Teeth

    23 orë më parë


  • Mitsuki Teriyaki
    Mitsuki TeriyakiDitë më parë

    Kinda starting to simp for Selever...

  • RuvTheGreat
    RuvTheGreatDitë më parë


  • Lili Fraser
    Lili FraserDitë më parë

    Jay: " Ok I'll stop vibing." Continues to vibe

  • sun sun BB Chan
    sun sun BB ChanDitë më parë

    hi robert

  • Relax -_-
    Relax -_-Ditë më parë

    I love how Jay doesnt understand that its chara XD

  • Rxses_201
    Rxses_201Ditë më parë

    I don’t know if you would be able to do this but could you maybe post a tutorial on how to download mods?

  • Nyanbo
    NyanboDitë më parë

    "robert" *naaaah* "jay" *naaaaah* "THAT DUDE" *perfection.*

  • time tell no lies
    time tell no liesDitë më parë

    I can't belevie he adimted that he old

  • ll_ELY _BUNNY_ll
    ll_ELY _BUNNY_llDitë më parë

    This song mix with ruv and sarv :v

  • Zєвѕιlνєя Wєѕтвяσσк
    Zєвѕιlνєя WєѕтвяσσкDitë më parë

    The Son of Heresy. .3.

  • Games and Toys with Wantoy
    Games and Toys with WantoyDitë më parë

    Kubz:u know your dad is 30 time cooler than u Me:i agree kubz😎

  • sadicoman BG
    sadicoman BGDitë më parë

    I like how Jay doesn't know who Chara is, cause this *crap* is haunted as *crap* .

  • Walten Halo
    Walten HaloDitë më parë

    Has he even notice selever middle fingered jay if selever hits right note He does it

  • Gamers
    GamersDitë më parë

    I think two songs are combined the song of sarvent and ruv ??

  • BixxYT
    BixxYTDitë më parë

    1:10 GTA SAN ANDREAS reference?

  • GoldenHolder Plays
    GoldenHolder PlaysDitë më parë

    I think he used these schemes DF-JK or IJ-KL

  • Bianca Baznaru
    Bianca BaznaruDitë më parë

    Oh come on your 30 Jay not that old

  • Fire Ice Ghaca
    Fire Ice GhacaDitë më parë

    Jay you should try the starecrown mod that arrow just so crazy and i think you can't do that but please do this :>

  • Ian Ignacio
    Ian IgnacioDitë më parë

    I love how anyone didnt notice that selever did this 🖕

  • 「 Aesthetic Darling 」
    「 Aesthetic Darling 」Ditë më parë

    Can you try the X tale Chara mod?-

  • Autumn Blue
    Autumn BlueDitë më parë

    Well hello there ROBERT

  • •[Atlantis PineappleLatté]•
    •[Atlantis PineappleLatté]•Ditë më parë

    I feel like its a remake of zavodila mashed up with gospel lol

  • Sienna Kharissa
    Sienna KharissaDitë më parë

    I love it not love it

  • Sienna Kharissa
    Sienna KharissaDitë më parë

    The last one undertale and love it!!!!

  • 6C柯安帝
    6C柯安帝Ditë më parë

    Chara isn’t singing she adorable but does she’s from hell

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