The Second Trial in Danganronpa has begun and I think my brain hurts from all the twists in this episode...50K LIKES for episode 8!

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  • Liveactionme
    Liveactionme19 orë më parë

    The real question is why byakuya was in the girl's locker Room in the first place.

  • • Lil’ old_ Me•
    • Lil’ old_ Me•Ditë më parë

    Does anyone find that f you listen to Genocide Jack’s laugh to much you start to laugh like her? Just me? Ok-

  • • Lil’ old_ Me•
    • Lil’ old_ Me•Ditë më parë

    *not me watching this in Toko cosplay*

  • Samantha Marie Hart
    Samantha Marie Hart2 ditë më parë

    The dislikes r all of monokumas many duplicates

  • Ahmed Jamal
    Ahmed Jamal2 ditë më parë

    Biyakuya lol

  • Bew From Nuo
    Bew From Nuo3 ditë më parë

    20:25 "Italian restaurant picky about the noodles" makes no sense :'3 us italians would be picky about the spaghetti. Ok sorry for the usless interruption now you can go on

  • Silver Star
    Silver Star8 ditë më parë

    Am I the only one that gets really bugged when a ALbothr skips over tutorials/explanations and then gets mad at the game because they don't understand the mechanic that they skipped the explanation of?

  • Itz _ Cookie Gacha
    Itz _ Cookie Gacha10 ditë më parë

    Umm first chihiro was a boy not a girl jay

  • L.J.X
    L.J.X11 ditë më parë

    Rewatching this series, he's in killing Harmony now, man, I'm so glad he's the first person I've watched do this.

  • Rica Mendoza
    Rica Mendoza16 ditë më parë

    Jay: she sounded like junko They have the same voice actor

  • Danish Ara Bianca
    Danish Ara Bianca16 ditë më parë

    Jay: She sounds like... Junko? Well true fact, same VA

  • pp00pp0Fathima Hifrrr3sham you gu
    pp00pp0Fathima Hifrrr3sham you gu18 ditë më parë

    Chihiro she was so gentle calm and unique nobody had problems with her Some one made the choice to kill someone like that and the murder is one of us standing right here Mondo who murdered him standing right in the middle

  • Lauren Nixon
    Lauren Nixon18 ditë më parë

    This is hilarious to watch XD

  • RH - 02BM 896043 Sheridan Park PS
    RH - 02BM 896043 Sheridan Park PS18 ditë më parë

    whats the next ep is called

  • that one kidcore anime boy glasses simp kid ;)
    that one kidcore anime boy glasses simp kid ;)19 ditë më parë

    "Let's go with Genocide Jill" Me: *having Jill as my nickname* 'Was I summoned?"

  • Shyana Rodriguez
    Shyana Rodriguez22 ditë më parë

    Dammit, I thought I had it in the last episode that it was Byakyua trying to frame Toko, but guess there is more to it.

  • sunil nept
    sunil nept23 ditë më parë

    "YU YUH YAH TELL HER [lipbite emoji]"

  • lana
    lana24 ditë më parë


  • •Chxrry-x-b0mb•
    •Chxrry-x-b0mb•29 ditë më parë

    I still think its Toko. My reasoning is weak, but maybe its not Genocide Jack/Jill, but it could have been Toko, the normal personality

  • Ochiimaru da sussy baka
    Ochiimaru da sussy bakaMuaj më parë

    *Byakuya the narrator*

  • Selena Dator
    Selena DatorMuaj më parë


  • toga himiko :D
    toga himiko :DMuaj më parë

    Byakuya:she was a girl Me:who gunna tell him?

  • Nina Wang
    Nina WangMuaj më parë

    Jay: I feel like that guy Me: No Jay, you're not that guy, you're THAT DUDE.

  • toga himiko :D
    toga himiko :DMuaj më parë

    "genocide jack only kills boys" All danganronpa boys: - chuckles- im in danger

  • are you tired
    are you tiredMuaj më parë


  • TangerineBakugo
    TangerineBakugoMuaj më parë

    Hifumi: “booblust” Aoi: 😒 “it’s bloodlust”

  • Kokichi Is god
    Kokichi Is godMuaj më parë

    Why is here tongue so long though

  • Jack The Hack
    Jack The HackMuaj më parë

    15:16 Jay: “She’s sounds like Junko” Me: she is junko, both Toko and genocide jack (If you don’t get the reference, Toko’s English voice actor plays some of Junko enoshima, and Genicider’s English voice after plays some of Junko Enoshima)

  • Kokichi Is god

    Kokichi Is god

    Muaj më parë


  • Yukiko山本
    Yukiko山本Muaj më parë

    Toko words 12:45+12:52 *"You said you wouldn't tell anyone..! You promised! I can't believe you lied!"* Togami 12:59 *"You have only yourself to blame"* *"You came to me with your tragic"* *"little story I didn't ask you too."*

  • Arixni Gacha
    Arixni GachaMuaj më parë

    *"I bet her Boobi3s where Fake"* AHHAHHAHA

  • Miranda Ngai
    Miranda NgaiMuaj më parë

    kubz scoutz in other danganronpa videos:knowing everything him in THIS episode:i'm so smart!!! me:chihiro is a boy and i know your wrong because i watched the danganronpa season 1 before

  • Adrian Degillo
    Adrian DegilloMuaj më parë

    The truth Is GENOCIDER is real, and its a rare case of DID sypmtoms, bet dont wanna. Mess with the other nyahahaha

  • I’m on coffee
    I’m on coffeeMuaj më parë

    I mean when they in the elevator they be social distancing

  • I’m on coffee

    I’m on coffee

    Muaj më parë

    And...... NO THATS WRONG

  • Blake M. Neal
    Blake M. NealMuaj më parë

    "She sounds like junko" Little did he know genocide Jill has the same voice actor as junko

  • --- D34THD0115
    --- D34THD0115Muaj më parë

    fun fact! Junko's voice actress also voiced a few of the lines of Genocide Jill's and Toko's! same with Toko's voice actress, she voiced a few of their lines + a few of Junko's lines

  • anna
    annaMuaj më parë

    i love toko so much and for what- omg she's great

  • cotton
    cottonMuaj më parë

    14:17 JACKASS

  • Tavo_aint_graduated 0.12
    Tavo_aint_graduated 0.12Muaj më parë

    Nobody : Jay : What are these purple words?! Also Jay : *skips the information of when they add new things to the trials*

  • Ela Kıvanç
    Ela KıvançMuaj më parë

    23:48 25:13 29:03 38:18 45:29

  • marley
    marleyMuaj më parë


    PIGGLUE PLAYSMuaj më parë

    genocide jill x jay, this is a fanfic in the making

  • 80blood ??
    80blood ??Muaj më parë

    you guess all of this right i should like how much vidoes just like how much u got thigns right my og youtuber

  • X.A
    X.AMuaj më parë


  • X.A


    Muaj më parë


  • Pokémon Trainer1
    Pokémon Trainer1Muaj më parë

    I just thought of something but finish the video then read this Byakuya wandered in on the body and thought of making it look like Genocide Jack did it but the thing is......... THE BODY WAS IN THE GIRLS LOCKER ROOM WHAT THE HECK WAS HE DOING IN THERE

  • Pokémon Trainer1
    Pokémon Trainer1Muaj më parë

    Jay: lookin like Raphael Me: *sudden idea to cosplay Raphael and do that with his (i don’t remember what they’re called but i hurt my wrist with one)* This is slightly before 27:21

  • Chelsea Fitz
    Chelsea FitzMuaj më parë

    Also it’s not ‘spilt personality’ person. She didn’t kill her this is called a ‘plot twist’ she said it wasn’t her and she’s right! I just know it... if I’m wrong watch the video to see who it REALLY is. And I love her long tounge 😫 it’s so cool haha- anyways it’s a plot twist I’m telling youuuu! I ain’t even whole way through and I know it there’s always a plot twist like I said.

  • Chelsea Fitz
    Chelsea FitzMuaj më parë

    The 281 people accidently disliked :)

  • ☆Angie Yonaga☆
    ☆Angie Yonaga☆Muaj më parë

    39:23 Did makoto just take a picture of this, unless he picked the carpet up as a whole the question is still unanswered

  • Rockaxe
    RockaxeMuaj më parë

    Am I the only one that can hear the game in the background of his audio too?

  • X.A
    X.AMuaj më parë


  • X.A


    Muaj më parë


  • X.A


    Muaj më parë


  • Kayla Louck
    Kayla LouckMuaj më parë

    The killer is mondo and the mastermind is junko she has a twin sister .

  • zameka taylor
    zameka taylorMuaj më parë

    why am i getting so many ads

  • starsandstuff
    starsandstuffMuaj më parë

    SPOILER The murderer should have definitely been byakuya, it would have been so much more interesting

  • irl ibuki mioda
    irl ibuki miodaMuaj më parë

    I swear byakuya is the five second riddles guy

  • Michelle Provencher
    Michelle ProvencherMuaj më parë

    for the rewatchers like me: 14:34

  • Holly Lopez
    Holly LopezMuaj më parë

    Byakuya you a-hole

  • Glob-Chan!
    Glob-Chan!Muaj më parë

    Bro they could just clarigoyance the killer xd

  • MaxximumQueer
    MaxximumQueerMuaj më parë

    Chihiro trans icon

  • eiya tapiador
    eiya tapiadorMuaj më parë

    Byakuya only told them so toko could bruttaly die

  • eiya tapiador
    eiya tapiadorMuaj më parë

    Guess who :👁💅🏻👁


    “And where she took us was...” ALboth ad: Don’t just imagine a life without cigarettes live one Me: B R U H

    MARIOMuaj më parë

    Game is like among-us

    MARIOMuaj më parë


  • ▹Bunnii The Performer◃
    ▹Bunnii The Performer◃Muaj më parë

    I feel like it wasnt genocide Jill because the way she kills is stabbing with scissors but chihiro was hit with the dumbell *Edit:* I was right

  • LuciLuci Simps for chiaki
    LuciLuci Simps for chiakiMuaj më parë

    Its...weird....hearing them say....h.....he-.......r for chihiro

  • •Satanic Hello Kitty•
    •Satanic Hello Kitty•Muaj më parë

    they changed quite a bit from the animation lol, i the animation, “genocidal jack” is “genocider sho” but overall idc about the minor changes, this game is amazing lmao

  • Cloudy _Asmr
    Cloudy _AsmrMuaj më parë

    she be sounding like junko cause they have the same voice actor

  • beebeey
    beebeeyMuaj më parë

    i love how he insists on saying beeakooyah even after everyone says byakuya

  • Princess Casas
    Princess CasasMuaj më parë

    Jay : i think genocide JACK is better Also jay: calls genocide JACK jill

  • Craig
    Craig2 muaj më parë

    51:19 LMFAO TOGAMI

  • Jitka Vabroušková
    Jitka Vabroušková2 muaj më parë

    I love how Jay just keeps calling Chihiro she/her even after they discovered it's a guy

  • Luis Melo
    Luis Melo2 muaj më parë

    Ding dong bing bong

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga2 muaj më parë

    Makoto doesn't do anything interesting-- here's why, Monokuma said that he dug up some of their darkest secrets. MAKOTO'S DARKEST SECRET WAS WETTING THE BED UNTIL THE 5TH GRADE?!

  • Zoe Silva
    Zoe Silva2 muaj më parë

    no thats wrong

  • `•Amy Gxcha •`
    `•Amy Gxcha •`2 muaj më parë

    I feel like makoto and suichi have the same voice i mean they have the same voice actor i mean come on i like suichi x kaede so yeah ;-;

  • katbeanS
    katbeanS2 muaj më parë

    game: would u like to learn abt this new game element? jay: no also jay: wtf is that purple text

  • Asuncina Martinez
    Asuncina Martinez2 muaj më parë

    hmm, currently @ 17:46 iv had this nagging suspicion since chihiro died, i think alright genocide jack is genoside jack, but maybe byakuya is the one that killed chihiro and is blaming genocide jack? it would be a smart way to get out and have everyone belive you. the way chihiro was placed, tied up- not pinned with knives? also the way she died with a blunt object?i think hes just been too *eh* foe me, the way the file was gone, the cable? how would genocide jack know where to find it? in the pics that i saw of the other victims, they were all impaled in some way..? or maybe im just looking for plottwists? owo

  • Asuncina Martinez

    Asuncina Martinez

    2 muaj më parë

    oh shit

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan2 muaj më parë

    Breastroom! 🤣

  • Lilith Lorenz
    Lilith Lorenz2 muaj më parë

    I mean, she could have been trans? they all just stopped respecting her pronouns if so

  • cheerio
    cheerio2 muaj më parë

    did anyone notice how Jay still called chihiro a she even after his gender was revealed

  • Kaia
    Kaia2 muaj më parë

    Deadly betrayal.. deadly.. SHUT UP

  • ♤•Manifest•Yt•♤
    ♤•Manifest•Yt•♤2 muaj më parë

    Mondo is the on who killed Chihiro🤭

  • Pee
    Pee2 muaj më parë

    Toko : 😟 Genocide : 😛 Byakuya: 😒 Celeste: 🤭

  • Lidija Zlatic
    Lidija Zlatic2 muaj më parë

    Genocide Jill: And thats why i coudnt have possibly killed that loli girl(chihiro) Me: Yes but actually no

  • Hxney_Bee
    Hxney_Bee2 muaj më parë

    Someone made a Jay simp compilation and I was like *the what?*

  • MJ Gacha
    MJ Gacha2 muaj më parë

    So is Chihiro a crossdresser or is she/he transgender??? I need to know

  • Sakuragi Mario
    Sakuragi Mario2 muaj më parë

    I was kidding when I said '' maybe she's a transgender ''.. And I was right xD

  • Cat Joy
    Cat Joy2 muaj më parë

    Not me waiting for that “you said you wouldn’t tell anyone!?!” And also me waiting for that creepy laugh lol.

  • Queen of Diamonds
    Queen of Diamonds2 muaj më parë

    My favorite is now Genocide Jill

  • That one rickroller
    That one rickroller2 muaj më parë

    Jay: she sounds like junko About that..

    CHRISTOPHER AUSTIN2 muaj më parë


  • Olivia Redzio
    Olivia Redzio2 muaj më parë


  • Qwer Tyu
    Qwer Tyu2 muaj më parë


  • Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma2 muaj më parë


  • §Nevaeh the talking duck§
    §Nevaeh the talking duck§2 muaj më parë

    I watch this episode of dangagora I don’t know how to spell it but also I already know it’s Mondo

  • sophie stardust
    sophie stardust2 muaj më parë

    Girl or boy, Chihiro will always be my waifu

  • Celestia Ludenberg
    Celestia Ludenberg2 muaj më parë

    6:10 Makoto: You know what, credit me

  • Pink Bunny
    Pink Bunny2 muaj më parë

    Shut upppp jay

  • 「Basikシ」
    「Basikシ」2 muaj më parë


  • shut up
    shut up2 muaj më parë

    6:54 booblust

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