The final class trial in Danganronpa 2 is hitting

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  • The sus black cat
    The sus black catDitë më parë


  • XXXbeyondthesoulz Endo
    XXXbeyondthesoulz EndoDitë më parë

    What I think about in school: 1:17:36

  • Nathan Pereira
    Nathan PereiraDitë më parë

    Did Monokuma make a Celestia Ludenberg reference? He did say ''because because because because'' just like Celestia did. Maybe once the timer reaches 0, Monouma wil be killed by the future foundation. That doesn't seem likely tho, because there's a Danganronpa 3

  • Potato15
    Potato154 ditë më parë

    SPOILERS I feel like Hajime had feelings for Chikai and even hugged her to protect her from the fire. I ship them (and Hajime with Nagito) but yeah it hurt when she died

  • Misskitty821
    Misskitty8215 ditë më parë


  • Cat Joy
    Cat Joy6 ditë më parë

    I actually was sad for chiaki too.

  • treatergol YT
    treatergol YT7 ditë më parë

    Monokuma's clones is a novemdecilion(10⁶⁰/10^60)

  • Monokuma File
    Monokuma File7 ditë më parë

    Nobody: When jay talks to himself 8:11

  • Zara.mp4
    Zara.mp47 ditë më parë

    fun fact : the song reach for the stars (normally played at the beginning of the execution) proves that the culprit was innocent heres proof at 1:17:36

  • ⧼ 魈云 ⧽
    ⧼ 魈云 ⧽9 ditë më parë

    Jay’s so depressed because he lost Nagito that he’s hallucinating Nagito talking to him

  • Juniper
    Juniper10 ditë më parë

    NAHHHH NOT THIS IS NAGITOS VOICE: "ow! Ow! I'm getting whipped rn, Hajime!"

  • SShamariReed
    SShamariReed10 ditë më parë

    We lost a fellow gamer rip chiaki rip chiaki you will be missed in gaming heaven

  • Tia kapoor
    Tia kapoor11 ditë më parë

    14:32 maybe it/poison was put in the fire granedes that would explain why they were ineffective aswell ??

  • Tia kapoor
    Tia kapoor11 ditë më parë

    1:06 the other possibility is the poison maybe he put the poison in his food or he made it into the gas fumes so they will spread with the fire

  • river
    river11 ditë më parë

    His reaction to Chiaki and monomi being related 😭 Chihiro is their dad and alter ego is their older brother

  • Apathy Queen
    Apathy Queen11 ditë më parë

    some guys playing Russian Roulette with only one bullet and my dear prince Nagito is literally playing it with ONE bullet out. Ya'll could never-

  • 💙Shumai’s no.1 simp💙
    💙Shumai’s no.1 simp💙12 ditë më parë

    Monomi: *”talking the love thing”* Jay: my teacher never said anything like that So it’s proven that video games teach u more than society

  • Waifu material
    Waifu material12 ditë më parë

    This death hurts my very soul

  • 💙Shumai’s no.1 simp💙
    💙Shumai’s no.1 simp💙12 ditë më parë

    But it would be so scary if Nagito was in Danganronpa V3 and cooperate with Kokichi’s and his plan, Spoilers! So it’s just like the normal game, Kokichi used the Electro Bomb and cut all cameras and y’know! One of them throw the poison or used the poison than get rid of it, and one of them is in the Hydraulic Press. First the poison killed the victim and then got pressed but there would be no video. The other was like Kaito and in the Exisal. With this, no one even Monokuma would no who’s the culprit, and victim.

  • TheUltimateHoe
    TheUltimateHoe14 ditë më parë

    Jay in Nagito's personality: "I'm telling you, once I inhaled that gas, it was over for me." A few minutes later... How did the poison enter Nagito's body? Also Jay: T h r o u g h h i s w o u n d s A basic Toko/Genocide Jack memories-thing situation

  • Random User
    Random User14 ditë më parë

    I literally cried when Chiaki got executed-

  • RainbowAxolotl
    RainbowAxolotl16 ditë më parë

    Normal: Don't do the crime if you can't pay the time. Danganronpa:Don't do the crime if you don't want to die.

    DARK_SLAYER16 ditë më parë

    1:16:54 Come on I spilled some Tears here Who didn’t 😭😭❤️

    DARK_SLAYER16 ditë më parë

    Come on Dude I fricking cried through when the traitor was found out and I cried

  • G 21 Verano Anikka
    G 21 Verano Anikka17 ditë më parë

    1:16:51 True tho

  • dre bell
    dre bell18 ditë më parë

    hajime: its not fair, i feel the same as everyone else me: its not fair that you get a b everytime like everyone else?

  • Todorokistidepod
    Todorokistidepod18 ditë më parë

    15:58 jay is a confirmed komahina shipper

  • Todorokistidepod
    Todorokistidepod18 ditë më parë

    B l ó œėd ôń thé gįrdēr :D

  • ember 2.0
    ember 2.018 ditë më parë

    I like how themes of the end of the previous game, lead into the themes of the next game. Game 1st was about hope. This game started with twisted hope in the form of Nagito, and ended with belief. The 3rd game picked right up with the theme of "believing in your friends." I'm curious what theme it will end with... [Edit] Oh and also being confident in yourself is a theme here as well as the 3rd game.

  • Hunter Minck
    Hunter Minck21 ditë më parë

    I need a comic book of that closing argument ASAP with the ending frame being the front cover

  • just a better version of u uwu
    just a better version of u uwu21 ditë më parë

    I just love how Sonia protect Chiaki and doesnt believe the truth...what a beautiful friendship(I also love Soniaki=3)

  • ellie briones
    ellie briones21 ditë më parë


  • Zofia .-.
    Zofia .-.23 ditë më parë

    wait is this a death note reference 30:05 (and 32:14)

  • Lilac
    Lilac23 ditë më parë

    58:50 changing that's wrong to that's not it.. I like the attention to detail

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika23 ditë më parë

    Spoiler!!!: Chiaki’s elimination was definitely my favourite so far

  • Iamthesenate
    Iamthesenate24 ditë më parë

    Poison can either paralayze or kill the target, depending on the poison.

  • Mikan Tusmiki
    Mikan Tusmiki24 ditë më parë

    1:10:22 monomi mess him up😭

  • ` s o f t m i l k s h a k e `
    ` s o f t m i l k s h a k e `24 ditë më parë

    1:19:37 NO

  • Perfect Potato Spirit
    Perfect Potato Spirit28 ditë më parë

    I was messed up by this trial ahhhhhhhh

  • TheChaliceDragon
    TheChaliceDragon29 ditë më parë

    Imagine going to someone and you said my friend got crushed by a Tetris block

  • Shriya Sookraj
    Shriya Sookraj29 ditë më parë

    1:14:47 Lmao is that a Celeste reference-?

  • Magerealm Master
    Magerealm MasterMuaj më parë


  • Mysterious Fakeni

    Mysterious Fakeni

    29 ditë më parë

    @Magerealm Master oh sure

  • Magerealm Master

    Magerealm Master

    29 ditë më parë

    @Mysterious Fakeni Ehehe, I'm going through D2 before continuing V3, I've seen the D1 anime but I should probably watch that through as well.

  • Mysterious Fakeni

    Mysterious Fakeni

    29 ditë më parë

    wow I didn’t know people were actually still here

  • kitsumekat
    kitsumekatMuaj më parë

    You got to admit, a befitting death for a gamer. Though, it's common for this game to end with an odd number of people

  • Mel
    MelMuaj më parë

    37:41 someone make this a poster and send it to jay

  • Redd James
    Redd JamesMuaj më parë

    The "Should I blur this" SENT ME LMFAOOOO ( 1:10:08)

  • ・Blue_ Rxses・
    ・Blue_ Rxses・Muaj më parë

    43:18 That one Nagito edit 🗿

  • ・Blue_ Rxses・

    ・Blue_ Rxses・

    29 ditë më parë

    Thxt xne Nxgxto xdxt

  • Mysterious Fakeni

    Mysterious Fakeni

    29 ditë më parë

    people really like replacing vowels with the letter x do they

  • Rifqah Isaacs
    Rifqah IsaacsMuaj më parë

    Jay speaking as Nagito saying some weird stuff during the logic dive........

  • Mysterious Fakeni

    Mysterious Fakeni

    29 ditë më parë


  • Stranger Days
    Stranger DaysMuaj më parë


  • strawberryboymyg
    strawberryboymygMuaj më parë

    PAUSE. Littering isn’t allowed...,the alarm bells should’ve been ringing when that blue seal stayed in the ground🤨🤨

  • 💮°°Chiaki's Hope°°💮
    💮°°Chiaki's Hope°°💮Muaj më parë

    Monomi saying she doesn't have any friends always makes me tear up no matter how many times I've watched it...

  • francisca alejandra

    francisca alejandra

    Muaj më parë


  • Omar Tena
    Omar TenaMuaj më parë

    5:16 yes there are other types of poison but the only poison I can think of from the top of my head is food poisoning you can't die from it unless it's severe that's the only one I can think of from the top of my head

  • _¿?NOOTMARE?¿ _
    _¿?NOOTMARE?¿ _Muaj më parë

    Heh I love nagito's plan! Hahahahahaha

  • Hyunjins_Dinosaur 27
    Hyunjins_Dinosaur 27Muaj më parë


  • : Ace The Gay :
    : Ace The Gay :Muaj më parë

    I scrolled into the comments and got everything spoiled not meaningly. 😭🤚

  • Tanner Ryan
    Tanner RyanMuaj më parë

    Naw Naw. Nagito's luck is too OP. With Chiaki's nightmare and her being the only one to swipe her handbook. She's the traitor. Edit: ok, ok, even I got this one. This was too easy. Edit: Graduation? But... Graduation means...

  • Bee
    BeeMuaj më parë

    5:10-5:21 There is such thing as ‘emetic poison’. It may not kill you but if it goes into your food (as shown in Yandere Simulator) it will make you throw up a lot. If you constantly throw up then you become dehydrated and you’ll eventually die from dehydration. So it could possibly kill you if it effected you that bad.

  • thalassa.
    thalassa.Muaj më parë

    I love how when he logic dives, he makes Nagito's voice ''ThAnK You cHeMIsTrY TeAcHeR''


    Nanami deaths in game is sad but in the anime it was heartbreaking

  • J
    JMuaj më parë


  • Lunar_Pretzel
    Lunar_PretzelMuaj më parë

    "Are there poisons that aren't for killing?" Emetic poison, headache poison, etc. As a Yandere Simulator player, you should know this.

  • •Dra-w-Ty•
    •Dra-w-Ty•Muaj më parë

    Is it just me? Or I think that Jay is totally shipping nagito and hajime? 👁👁

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    Hajime: CEO of *”That’s not it!”*

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    1:19:09 - 1:19:14 that was the longest silence ever

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    1:17:04 Source: *”Cuz…I know.”*

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë


  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    Me every 10 seconds: 1:14:25

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    “Maybe our dad and our big brother, don’t you think?” Chihiro and Monokuma? Why Monokuma though …

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë


  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    1:02:56 this made me laugh so hard

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    Hajime went from *“No, that’s wrong!”* to *”That’s not it!”*

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    i love how they were all defending against chiaki :,)

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    imagine while conducting an insane plan to get all your friends killed, while you’re all tied up in rope and wounded, despair comes *You suddenly have the urge to pee.*

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    Jay: “What’s beyond the Monokuma panel…? Nothing, *your mom-“*

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    why is chiaki leading them towards the answer??

  • Mesui Mello
    Mesui MelloMuaj më parë

    Spoiler- i think- Its in the video so if you haven't finished it you should scroll- So chiaki was the traitor?? I LITERALLY SAID EVERYONE ELSE BUT CHIAKI WAS THE TRAITOR OMG I'm crying😭 well i haven't exactly finished the video-

  • GlitchyRedstone04
    GlitchyRedstone04Muaj më parë

    This is really sad. I almost bursted into tears after this. At least it's not as bad as Episode 10 of the Despair Arc

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    6:34 oh so now its HARD?? 😭

  • Wolfiaa
    WolfiaaMuaj më parë

    1:26:07 what

  • Beanie Boo
    Beanie BooMuaj më parë

    1:14:48 CELESTE IS THAT U?

  • SemiNormal The Artist
    SemiNormal The ArtistMuaj më parë

    Jay is the reason why people extremely ship Hajime and Nagito...

  • Jezreel Cruz
    Jezreel CruzMuaj më parë

    Is so scary 🗣️ 📢 you freek

  • Basicallybasic
    BasicallybasicMuaj më parë

    Hi nagito! Friendly neighborhood kokichi here

  • Aditi GANESH
    Aditi GANESHMuaj më parë

    Goal: not crying Obstacle: *Trial 5*

  • Filthy Casual
    Filthy CasualMuaj më parë

    "Monokuma gotta throw em a bone or something!" *laughs in despair*

  • celestial eclipse
    celestial eclipseMuaj më parë

    Can we just say that the saddest deaths are chiaki, kaede, gonta and kaito who have been the most helped and the kind hearted people

  • Mysterious Fakeni
    Mysterious FakeniMuaj më parë

    the intro answer: *the grenade*

  • JaysPlaceGaming
    JaysPlaceGamingMuaj më parë

    Chiaki had a chance to climb up the blocks but she just stood there and accepted it because the blocks weren't at tall as her so she and Monomi could've climbed but it was to late

  • punpun is feeling fine today
    punpun is feeling fine todayMuaj më parë

    his coping mechanism is really voicing nagito while in hajime's logic dive LMAO

  • Eclipse_Yuki
    Eclipse_YukiMuaj më parë

    *Spoiler for people who haven't seen the end* Look, when I found out that Chiaki is the traitor, I was joking about "Oh is she gonna die by Tetris, pfft probably not" But then the execution, she was actually killed by Tetris I was like "oh Frick.... I was right" Than cried

  • Glob-Chan!
    Glob-Chan!Muaj më parë


  • キオリKiori's Purple Tea~
    キオリKiori's Purple Tea~Muaj më parë

    people shocked because nanami was the traitor him: *FoRk AnD kNiFe InStEaD oF cRoSs MaRk! ThAt'S aWeSoMe!!*

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin SkywalkerMuaj më parë

    “Mono book Note mi’s”

  • O k
    O kMuaj më parë

    This game proves how highschools are scary and full of despair with a bit of hope of graduating

  • Hunter Fillingham
    Hunter FillinghamMuaj më parë

    Welp im glad you finally got around to liking monomi cause let me tell you i fell to tears when said her last words

  • elle
    elleMuaj më parë


  • Unicorn Lover63
    Unicorn Lover63Muaj më parë

    Chiaki's death in the anime is way more sad and gruesome than what happened in the game.

  • NebulaFire50
    NebulaFire502 muaj më parë

    did anyone peep Chiaki said she had a dream about her punishment back at the beginning.

  • JokesterJulie
    JokesterJulie2 muaj më parë


  • gonta gokuhara
    gonta gokuhara2 muaj më parë

    Title and it makes a young woman wanna cry

  • Sam_ Sparkle
    Sam_ Sparkle2 muaj më parë


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