Kubz Scouts

Kubz Scouts

My name is Jay and I just want to have fun being dumb

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  • Skooter 1993
    Skooter 199327 sekonda më parë

    Waiting to see jay’s reaction when pico tries to shoot him on blammed

  • T R E T B O
    T R E T B O51 sekonda më parë

    I'm sad that Jay skipped the tutorial, the dialogue there was adorable.

  • T Gauff
    T Gauff59 sekonda më parë

    Bro looked up her age 😂😭😂😂😂😂

  • Mars
    MarsMinutë më parë

    "I did not expect this Cory Kenshin looking dude to be talking to me right now" This took me out XD

  • Springtrap Rey
    Springtrap ReyMinutë më parë

    So your gonna do tricky or…… what?

  • Luvely_Roses
    Luvely_Roses2 minuta më parë


  • Vaida Maleckyte
    Vaida Maleckyte2 minuta më parë

    Hey Jay can you play the full tricky mod

  • Dragon FistJJ
    Dragon FistJJ2 minuta më parë


  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz3 minuta më parë

    play shaggy mod bro its so hard

  • Hinata Naki
    Hinata Naki3 minuta më parë

    I don’t care. I head canon biggie = biggie cheese.

  • [Maxi_ Studio]
    [Maxi_ Studio]3 minuta më parë

    Jay you should play granny 3 I saw some ALbothrs play it idk if you gonna see this comment but you should give it a try

  • Jessica Vasquez
    Jessica Vasquez3 minuta më parë

    Lol I’m always singing the song too

  • Jayla Owens
    Jayla Owens3 minuta më parë

    Jay: I hate this week I HATE THIS WEEK! Also jay: continues bopping to the song 😑🤌

  • Hero Julian
    Hero Julian4 minuta më parë

    I like how HD literally deletes everyone experience of the game Now we're hyped for weeks that have already came out

  • Randy Snow
    Randy Snow4 minuta më parë

    He didn’t die off two cigarettes, he smoked a lot more before you met him.

  • Cyrus Mendoza
    Cyrus Mendoza4 minuta më parë

    Day 8 of asking Jay to play OMORI.

  • Rahim Uddin
    Rahim Uddin5 minuta më parë

    Did anyone else recognised that mamma dearest was touching herself 🤣

  • xzumi _
    xzumi _5 minuta më parë

    38:57 yo💀so that’s why they wasn’t there anymore

  • Kayden Hamilton
    Kayden Hamilton5 minuta më parë

    hey jay can u play persona 5 strikers

  • Ava Wright
    Ava Wright6 minuta më parë

    jay: i hate this week worst week ever! also jay: *still vibing*

  • Fuzzy:Monk
    Fuzzy:Monk7 minuta më parë

    It’s better than the original

  • minababy natsume
    minababy natsume7 minuta më parë

    hey jay!!!! the devs ARE gonna do the full game!

  • vhar
    vhar7 minuta më parë

    Please do the god eater mod

  • Sappy Bull
    Sappy Bull8 minuta më parë

    DIOS anyone notices that the imps died

  • chiaki nanami worshipper
    chiaki nanami worshipper9 minuta më parë

    Jay is good at FNF that sometimes I think he takes a video where someone gets a perfect to almost perfect score and just puts his facecam on and acts like he was playing it.

  • bun MAN
    bun MAN9 minuta më parë

    *Jays neighborhood worried if he's being serious or not* :😰

  • InfinityGaming
    InfinityGaming9 minuta më parë

    I like friday night funkin

  • kurinah
    kurinah10 minuta më parë

    Does jay have a injury on his cheek?

  • Marla Salas
    Marla Salas10 minuta më parë


  • Webber
    Webber11 minuta më parë

    The dad notes where he does the reverse of the note he’s suppose to do is screwing with me too hard like he does the wrong animation

  • xXhungry_twerkingXx✨
    xXhungry_twerkingXx✨12 minuta më parë

    When he says “messing up this much” and he only missed two while I’m out here failing every song-💀💀💀

  • ForsakenKage
    ForsakenKage12 minuta më parë

    Gf's mom touching her self on the third song Like is it just me who sees that

  • Iva Stankovic
    Iva Stankovic13 minuta më parë

    13:59 broken Jay alert

  • SkysomVR
    SkysomVR13 minuta më parë

    Jay should react to some FnF animations

  • Poppies🌺
    Poppies🌺13 minuta më parë

    27:34 I love the voice he gave them lmao😂😂

  • Katie Googins
    Katie Googins13 minuta më parë

    Respect for Jay searching GF's age before commenting on her momma milkers :')

  • ꧁Ducky3Mine Plays꧂
    ꧁Ducky3Mine Plays꧂14 minuta më parë

    My siblings friends and my sibling did the quija board and my sibling and their friends asked the ghost a question and the ghost said that my sibling would have twins when they get older

  • Dr green Cabral
    Dr green Cabral15 minuta më parë

    Yea he definitely watched spooky month

  • RandomPerson
    RandomPerson15 minuta më parë

    I love this mod

  • Toxic Gamer347
    Toxic Gamer34715 minuta më parë

    I actually try not to laugh at these videos and this one almost caught me!

  • Mya Segura
    Mya Segura16 minuta më parë

    14:45 Jay : "that one miss hurts my soul" Me : "the 67 misses hurt my soul"

  • Cherryhorse 101
    Cherryhorse 10116 minuta më parë

    Did anyone notice that girlfriend's mom has abs??

  • Emery Martin
    Emery Martin17 minuta më parë

    The reason the delinquents don't snitch on you is because the bullies bullied them to become what they are and they hate them so he-

  • Gacha Nova!
    Gacha Nova!17 minuta më parë

    I love spooky dance bf

  • Awesome Milkshake
    Awesome Milkshake17 minuta më parë

    Not me struggling on week 2 while mods like this exist 💔

  • Claire Givens
    Claire Givens17 minuta më parë

    Jay: I hate this week, worst week ever!!! also Jay: *continued to vibe to the song*

  • Kuricat16
    Kuricat1618 minuta më parë

    Bf pointing like a dr protag-

  • Elmo army
    Elmo army18 minuta më parë


  • Maria
    Maria18 minuta më parë

    THAT "darling"THON 😩😩🤚

  • Jahaira Garcia
    Jahaira Garcia18 minuta më parë

    Idk why but Jay always laughs at anything lmao 🤣 tomato Jay lol-

  • Dynamosaurus Imperious2
    Dynamosaurus Imperious219 minuta më parë

    Lovely Kubz Scout video

  • Orion Huang
    Orion Huang19 minuta më parë

    How do u get week 4?

  • Tallon. Bussian
    Tallon. Bussian20 minuta më parë

    *Jay :* I Fear No Man, But That Thing Scares Me. *Monster* Hey Man Im Gonna Eat Your Girlfriend *Jay : Starts Shooting Monster* *P.S Monster Or Lemon Demon Isn't A Lemon He Just Has The Shape And Color Of A Lemon.*

  • Shatterd Code
    Shatterd Code20 minuta më parë

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gf mentioned garcello in the last week

  • Shatterd Code
    Shatterd Code20 minuta më parë

    And senpai

  • Gremlor
    Gremlor20 minuta më parë

    Day 1 of asking Jay to play Your Turn To Die

  • • ́ ̄ `•꧁M e x i c a n.D u c k꧂• ́ ̄ `•
    • ́ ̄ `•꧁M e x i c a n.D u c k꧂• ́ ̄ `•21 minutë më parë

    Can we appreciate that jay supports bf and pico? He is truly That Dude :D

  • kit29007
    kit2900721 minutë më parë

    Did anyone see the face in the lemon demons mouth

  • Cash Salazar
    Cash Salazar21 minutë më parë

    Jay we all know u ain’t 6 foot 5

  • robber boy
    robber boy21 minutë më parë

    I think Jey knows this but I wonder if he actually knows that Pico and his friends were from the game that he used to play

  • Gamerguy 2000
    Gamerguy 200022 minuta më parë

    FYI that stuff about pico dating boyfriend is canon as stated by creators.

  • Ashley Salomon
    Ashley Salomon22 minuta më parë

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that the mom has abs

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat22 minuta më parë

    "Friday Night Funkin' HD needs to be an anime" Me: *Wise Words from a Wise Man*

  • why its none of your business
    why its none of your business23 minuta më parë

    Ayo lemon demon tho ;-;

  • Island Girl
    Island Girl23 minuta më parë


  • Just Relax tw
    Just Relax tw24 minuta më parë

    I truly don’t know why Jay only has 4 million subs.

  • Orange Tangerine
    Orange Tangerine24 minuta më parë

    *gun shot* -Chef dudes leg hurt- Me: CHEF GUY!! This surprised me bc I don’t even know their name I just call them chef guy

  • Yahm elay
    Yahm elay24 minuta më parë


  • samuel saintil
    samuel saintil24 minuta më parë

    The only thing that would make this mode better is voice actors.but i guess jay is already one so we dont need that

  • Oh_ Jamar
    Oh_ Jamar25 minuta më parë


  • boucquts
    boucquts25 minuta më parë


  • Allan Amaya
    Allan Amaya26 minuta më parë

    [0:45-0:54] “I decided to be friends with Cecilia🙂” [2:11-2:14] “We truly were best friends😌” [9:41-9:47] “A good friend who only wanted the best for her” [10:10-10:14] “But she just treated me like a friend👿”

  • me like frend me too
    me like frend me too26 minuta më parë

    you feed the dog meat now

  • Liam
    Liam27 minuta më parë

    my mom disowned me today and.... this made me cry even more p.s im not joking my mom disowned me irl

  • TakedownMg _
    TakedownMg _27 minuta më parë

    Jay: I'm gonna find Pico's songs easy. Me:just wait for blammed

  • Jinelijah24
    Jinelijah2428 minuta më parë

    29:49 Tricky has his own billboard

  • Kadyn Johnson
    Kadyn Johnson29 minuta më parë

    No q

  • ECW
    ECW29 minuta më parë

    Fun fact: Canonically the first song Spookeez is sung by pump (the kid with the pumpkin costume) and the second song, South is sung by skid (the kid with the skeleton costume)

  • Muisc Maker
    Muisc Maker29 minuta më parë

    You should do the starving artist mod next

  • Krafted
    Krafted29 minuta më parë

    Wait did you hear that 28:34